Drawing Tutorials: How To Draw

Drawing Tutorials: How To Draw

Drawing Tutorials: How To Draw

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❤ Drawing Tutorial - How to draw 4 spring outfits ❤

❤ Drawing Tutorial - How to draw 4 Summer Outfits ❤

Drawing Tutorial ❤ How to draw and color Deep Eyes

Do you want to learn how to draw step by step for beginners without youtube? Do you love to draw and paint?

Stop using How to Draw! Download "Drawing Tutorials" app and get the best drawing tutorials. Our tutorials teach you how to draw a lot of things.
- draw comic
- draw anime
- draw cartoon
- draw animals, such as cats, dogs, dinosaurs
- draw a stickman
- draw a flower
- draw game character

Our artists have created a large amount of drawing and painting tutorials covering large range of topics, and will steadily upload new ones every week.

【Compare other drawing apps】
Those so called “Learn to Draw” apps only show some static pictures, but you can never draw anything in those apps.

Although you can draw in an app called “How to Draw”, but what you can see on the screen are some static pictures, not videos step by step. Neither can you zoom in or zoom out.

"Drawing Tutorials" app using animation to show you how to draw and paint. Each tutorial includes reasonable steps. You can draw and paint in the app. You simply need use your finger to follow the animated tutorial, and then you will be able to create stunning art work by yourself!
【key features】:
1. Large amount of tutorials of beautiful drawings and paintings: various anime, comic, manga, cartoon, cat, dog, bird, dinosaur, realistic animal, landscape, simple drawing, etc., will steadily upload new ones every week
2. Easily change size and transparency of pencil and brush
3. Intuitive color picker, has 144 predefined colors for your quick usage
4. Use two fingers on screen to move, zoom in and out of drawing/painting
5. Export high quality image to your album, and use your social network to share your masterpiece to your friends
6. Open a new canvas to create your new piece without tutorial
7. Fun to use your own photos. Create your own sketch by using your picture as background: load a picture, fade it down as background, trace it, then remove the photo background and get your unique sketch

Your feedback is important to us. We will adopt your suggestions really fast. If you do not find the tutorials that you want, please send us your feedback, our artists will create new tutorials for you quickly. Your satisfaction is our motivation!

"How to Draw Comic" will teach you how to draw different things.
- teach you how to draw comic
- teach you how to draw animals
- teach you how to draw flowers
- teach you how to draw stick drawing

If you are having technical issues or have any questions regarding this "how to draw comic" app, please email us at: drawshowstudio@gmail.comhowtodraw@126.com

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